Salesgenie for Lead Generation

Salesgenie combines customer acquisition, prospecting, sales, and marketing strategy into a customized & powerful online tool. Not only is this flexible solution easy to use, our client service members are always at your disposal via email, phone or live chat to make sure you get the most out of Salesgenie.
  • Access this robust online tool anytime, anywhere via your iPhone, iPad, or Android device.
  • Get alerts for new leads, including business and homeowners.  Manage contacts with our built-in management system to optimize B2C and B2B lead generation.
  • Get a better understanding of prospects to build better relationships and drive revenue.
  • We provide CRM and social media integration.
  • Get access to prospect email addresses to support your sales and marketing outreach– Weekly database updates means working with the latest data– Use advanced search criteria and customer cloning to find your best prospects.

By making it easy to find quality business and consumer leads as well as valuable insights about your best prospects, Salesgenie reduces prospecting time and gives your staff the tools they need to close more business faster. Gain a rich insight into potential prospects including contact information on key decision makers, company revenue, and competitors. 


Salesgenie ensures sales and marketing teams are focusing on the prospects most likely to become customers and then helps strengthen customer relationships with data-driven insights to deliver a better understanding of your market.