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New to B2B - IEEE GlobalSpec

IEEE GlobalSpec Selects Infogroup as Data Management Partner

IEEE GlobalSpec delivers trusted, expert engineering content, information, insight, tools, and community for engineers and technical professionals across multiple industries and disciplines. An engaged community of more than 9 million industry professionals relies on IEEE GlobalSpec as a trusted resource at every stage of the research, product design, and purchasing process.

811,000 U.S. Postal
649,000 U.S. Email
662,000 International Postal
820,000 International Email

The database connects marketers with business professionals working in a range of industries including Aerospace & Defense, Fabricated Metals, Oil & Gas, Transportation, Communications, Food & Beverage, Forestry, and Construction, and many more. Browse all IEEE GlobalSpec data cards here.

Reach out to Mike Rovello or Jennifer Campolo to learn more about the IEEE GlobalSpec lists.