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Newly Managed - United American Patriots

United American Patriots (UAP) helps defend soldiers, sailors, and marines who are unjustly convicted and wrongfully imprisoned. UAP programs offer the best civilian legal representation during hearings, investigations and appeals by paying for fees and associated legal expenses. They also provide training, counseling, health care and reintegration support to help military transitioning to civilian life. UAP programs are made possible through the generous donations from patriotic Americans across our country who represent the entire spectrum of citizens which our military represent and protect.

45,449 Last 12 Month Donors
90,002 Last 24 Month Donors

These male and female donors will generously support a wide variety of causes including veterans and military causes, conservative issues and appeals, community-minded causes, museum and membership offers, Christian offers, humanitarian, political and health causes. They are also prime prospects for veteran/military publications.

Contact Cindi Nowatnick for more information.