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New to B2C - Zeeto

Zeeto Registered Users and Survey Responders (formerly Get It Free)

Zeeto is an ad network whose publisher partners embed question technology into their digital properties. Visitors to those sites answer over 1.9M of Zeeto's questions each day when they want to access premium content, register for memberships, get discount coupons after an online purchase and more. The answers to these questions are compiled on the Zeeto file and are now available for list rental from Infogroup!

New lists available from Zeeto include Young Families, Insurance Responders, Sweepstakes Entrants, and Financial Stability Responders. The database is also enhanced with demographic, lifestyle, Apogee donor and Marketing Genetics transactional data. Inquire about email and digital marketing opportunities for multichannel campaigns.

Want to learn more about the Zeeto lists? Contact Karen Baumgartner today.