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New to B2C - Hammacher Schlemmer

Hammacher Schlemmer delivers buyers of unique and innovative products that solve everyday challenges. These consumers are an average age of 55+ with incomes of $120,000.

338,000 Last 6 Month Buyers
501,000 Last 12 Month Buyers

Product selects include: Apparel, Auto, Children’s Merchandise, Electronics, Holiday, Home Décor & Furniture, Home Maintenance, Patio, Personal Care, Pets, Stationery, and Travel.

The file works well for offers of gift, home décor, men’s/women’s apparel, high tech gifts and gadgets, general merchandise, and financial services as well as nonprofit appeals.

Additional files available include:
Hammacher Schlemmer Enhanced
Hammacher Schlemmer Marketing Genetics Enhanced
Hammacher Schlemmer Apogee Enhanced
Hammacher Schlemmer TargetReady Models
Hammacher Schlemmer Wiland Models

Contact Elyssa Cunningham to learn more.