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New B2B Files - Stamats Communications

 Stamats Communications Business Data Now Managed

at Infogroup

Stamats Communications is a business-to-business media company dedicated to helping professionals and organizations in select markets achieve their business goals through its content, events and networking offerings. With over 337,000 postal addresses and 137,000 email addresses from Stamats’ industry-leading brands, the Stamats Communications Masterfile is a great source of business professionals and decision-makers in various verticals. Stamats media brands include:

Meetings Today - 116,200 Postal Addresses & 45,100 Email Addresses
Meetings Today delivers the largest number of subscribers in the meeting planning market, who represent over $75 billion in buying power. Target by Job Function, Planning Responsibility, Planned Meeting Site Location and more.

BUILDINGS - 162,000 Postal Addresses & 71,600 Email Addresses
Get your message in front of building owners and facilities management professionals in every commercial sector. These are people who hold the buying decision for their facilities and purchase a vast range of products.

interiors+sources - 70,500 Postal Addresses & 33,300 Email Addresses interiors+sources subscribers are top level architecture and design professionals who specify products for commercial interior design projects. They purchase an incredible range of products across every surface and every commercial sector.

Phone numbers are also available for telemarketing and multichannel campaigns.

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