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New B2B File - Power Almanac

Power Almanac brings the local government market to you

Power Almanac is the largest, most comprehensive, and most accurate database of local government decision-makers, covering essentially every city, county, and township in the USA with a population of 1,000 or more. Every official in the Power Almanac Masterfile is a decision-maker, with contact information for:

  • every head of IT, finance, public works, and purchasing
  • every city/county manager and head clerk
  • every sheriff, police chief, and fire chief
  • every mayor and council member

In other words, you reach the people authorized to buy what you are selling.

The Power Almanac database undergoes a rigorous data verification process with all records phone verified every 6 months, resulting in complete and up-to-date contact data that is unrivaled. Use Power Almanac postal, email and multichannel data to fuel your local government sales and marketing efforts – with role-based, geographic, government-type targeting and more.

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