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Four New Titles from Hoffman Media

The following Hoffman Media files now available from Infogroup deliver primarily female consumers who appreciate the South and its distinct flair. Subscribers lead active social lives and love to cook, entertain, decorate, garden, travel and read. 

Bake from Scratch - 23,000 Active Subscribers
Bake from Scratch seeks to enable bakers to create delicious baked goods that satisfy all the senses through photography, easy-to-follow recipes, and endless inspiration. Highlights include travel to the world’s best bakeries, 70+ new recipes in each issue, and products perfect for a well-stocked pantry. Data Card

The Cottage Journal - 62,000 Active Subscribers
The Cottage Journal offers an inspirational collection of charming homes and gardens that celebrates a lifestyle defined by an appreciation of quality over quantity, a pride of place, and living large while leaving a smaller footprint. Data Card

Southern Cast Iron - 12,000 Active Subscribers
Southern Cast Iron celebrates those who share the passion for cooking with this workhorse of the Southern kitchen. With over 70 new recipes in each issue, these women and men are cooking up a storm, and over half have purchased products highlighted in the publication. Data Card

Southern Home - 11,000 Active Subscribers
This publication offers an abundance of inspiration that blends gracious and elegant living with today’s welcoming styles. Readers are regularly introduced to the talented architects and designers behind these expertly crafted and furnished homes. Data Card

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