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Endeavor Business Media Consolidates Data Management with Infogroup

Endeavor Business Media, a leading B2B company that provides relevant print and digital content to professionals across various media markets, has consolidated their entire portfolio with Infogroup. Marketers can now access a roster of 40+ titles in key high growth business markets such as manufacturing, aviation, dental, fire & public safety, industrial machinery, security, stormwater management, vehicle repair and many more.

626,718 Postal Addresses
519,543 Email Addresses
586,415 Phone Numbers

Titles include: Aircraft Maintenance Technology, Automatic Merchandiser, Dental Economics, Fleet Maintenance, Ground Support Worldwide, Industrial Laser Solutions, Law Enforcement Product News, LEDs Magazine, Locksmith Ledger Magazine, Mass Transit Magazine, Military & Aerospace Electronics, Officer.com, Offshore Magazine, Oil & Gas Journal, Plastics Machinery, Registered Dental Hygienist, Security Business, Stormwater Magazine, Utility Products, Visions Systems Design, Water Efficiency Magazine, and more. View data cards

Infogroup recommends Endeavor Business Media lists for a variety of offers including: tools, components, office supplies & services, computer hardware & software, electronics, seminars, books, subscriptions, cellular & Internet providers, educational materials, and industrial products equipment.

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