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Business Data Solutions

Delivering the B2B Data Your Business Needs to Compete

Infogroup Media Solutions offers an extensive range of business-to-business information resources that can help you reach your company's target audience more effectively. Our marketing databases and information are collected and compiled from the following:

  • More than 5,000 local Yellow Pages directories in the U.S. and Canada that comprise more than 16 million listings each year
  • Ongoing research from news reports and press releases
  • Tourist guides and local community directories
  • Seminar and conference attendance lists
  • Industry directories
  • Corporate websites and contact pages
  • Data on utility hookups and disconnects throughout the country
  • New business registrations and filings
  • Corporate annual reports, 10K documentation, and other required filings for publicly held companies

We use telephone verification to ensure the accuracy of our data, allowing your company to incorporate our compiled B2B data into your marketing campaign with confidence and use it to reach your target audience effectively.

Our compiled business data resources can help your company achieve its marketing goals more effectively. At Infogroup, we offer step-by-step guidance, proven strategies, and cutting-edge tools designed to kick your marketing campaign into high gear and keep you at the top of the competitive marketplace. The elite Infogroup lineup of marketing solutions includes the following:

New business identification – Infogroup can provide your B2B company with lists of new businesses in your geographical area or in your particular field or industry. We draw on 300 separate sources throughout the U.S. and back that up with utility records to ensure maximum accuracy.

Reaching the top – The data we collect from seminar and conference attendance lists and industry directories will help you reach the top names in your field. These opinion makers and trendsetters may not only become loyal customers; they can also influence the purchase habits of others in your industry. Winning them over can increase your market visibility and sales to a significant degree.

The Infogroup Business Email Database – Compiled from data collected from more than 4,000 sources, our proprietary Business Email Database is one of the most comprehensive resources available for your company's marketing campaigns. With more than 50 million unique emails and a 100 percent match rate for postal addresses in the system, the Infogroup Business Email Database can allow you to reach your B2B target audience more effectively. Our telephone verification process ensures complete accuracy for the contents of this database. This degree of certainty can make a major difference in the effectiveness and cost efficiency of your B2B sales campaigns.

Comprehensive information on business leads

Your business can fine-tune its marketing campaigns by selecting for specific criteria when compiling mailing lists for promotional purposes. Infogroup can select for a number of variables to help you reach the precise audience you need for your company's B2B products and services. This degree of customization is possible thanks to the comprehensive data Infogroup collects on each of the businesses listed in its databases. Infogroup compiles key information that includes the following:

  • ZIP codes for geographical targeting
  • Street addresses and regional information
  • Type of business operation
  • Year company was established
  • Email addresses
  • Corporate web addresses
  • Telephone number
  • Volume of sales for the location
  • Business name

Our telephone verification process allows us to deliver even more information for your marketing efforts. We can add these additional pieces to your promotional puzzle by contacting businesses directly:

  • Names of owners and managers at specific locations
  • Contact information, including titles and positions
  • Number of employees

At Infogroup, our comprehensive approach to collecting and compiling B2B data can provide a solid basis for your direct marketing campaigns and help your company identify and reach potential business clients to boost your visibility, sales, and revenues.