We help your nonprofit connect with the best potential donors by providing fundraising leads, donors leads, and verified donor lists.
Looking for the right businesses or people to reach for your next nonprofit campaign?

We help you reach that special group of people who share your organization’s interests and have the financial resources to be the impactful donors or members you want to reach.

Our managed nonprofit and fundraising files include nationally known organizations and proven responders to a broad range of interests, including:

  • Humanitarian 
  • Health 
  • Environmental 
  • Children’s 
  • Cultural 
  • Political 
  • Religious 
  • Public media 
  • Nature and preservation 
  • Veterans 
  • And more

We understand that, as a nonprofit, you don’t have unlimited resources. That’s why we are dedicated to providing the best resources for you to cost-effectively reach qualified prospects without having to limit your campaign reach or effectiveness.