Why Salesgenie

Few can compare to Salesgenie’s robust sales and marketing ability. By combining business and consumer data, Salesgenie delivers prospecting and marketing capabilities in one intelligent online tool.

Give your sales and marketing team the ability to increase close rates and yield higher revenue by targeting optimal customers through advanced search criteria, customer cloning, automated new lead alerts, social and CRM integration. Salesgenie also allows you to create customized email and direct mail marketing campaigns with our verified business and consumer data. Salesgenie delivers the right prospect at the right time and in the right channel to optimize your sales and marketing strategy.

"My auto sales are up 40%! This is primarily due to the audits I am able to run via Salesgenie on prospects to target under Allstate’s current auto guidelines. Thank you to Salesgenie for having the tools for me to find these new customers!"

–Domingo R. Bravo
Bravo Insurance Group, Inc.

"The best advantage to Salesgenie is the ability to pinpoint the exact household statistics our team requires. Every agent knows the type of person they can save money for, and Sales Genie allows me to address my leads as specific as I need.

Our processes are simple and our methods are time-tested; the more we call, the more we write. Through daily telemarketing, Salesgenie has added anywhere from 25 to 30 extra items each month and we have no intention of slowing down anytime soon."

–Jay Sandlin
The Jay Sandlin Agency