Channel Partner Program

ITS knows that market saturation, declining core product market share, and customer attrition are tough challenges that need to be offset through adding innovative new solutions. Whether data or digital, the ITS Channel Partner Program exposes ITS assets and capabilities to our hand selected strategic partners in order to help them retain and increase market share.
  • Get access to ITS business and consumer data, which has hundreds of demographic, geographic, and psychographic purchase behaviors to ensure you can quickly locate any target audience. 
  • Increase market share with a cross-channel approach using our Integrated Marketing Portal.
  • Leverage our proprietary business and consumer email acquisition databases to enhance digital product suite.
  • With hundreds of demographic, geographic, and purchase behavior elements, ITS Channel Partners can quickly find prospects that match any client’s target audiences.
  • Complete ITS Channel Partner Program that includes vendor evaluation, project scoping, partner assessment, implementation, training, and support. 

Driving continuous growth in saturated or mature markets takes innovation, new product rollouts, and dedication. ITS gives you real-time access to our pre-built leading data and digital solutions, allowing your clients to quickly identify sales opportunities, increase market share, and add another layer to their marketing channel mix.


Since 2009, the ITS Channel Partner Program has helped strategic partners leverage Infogroup’s prospect databases and digital solutions to enhance their client’s marketing channel offering. The result has been offsetting core product revenue decline, exponential digital growth, and development of deeper client relationships.