B2C Email Data Acquisition Solutions

Intelligent email marketing starts with accurate data. This foundation of reliable consumer data allows you to build an informed, targeted strategy that maximizes email acquisition efficiency.
  • Gain access to millions of unique consumer email addresses.
  • Customize addresses based on demographic and psychographic criteria relevant to your business.
  • Bridge the offline and online gap and make decisions based on purchase history using our Proof of Purchase Email Database, then further enhance multichannel marketing with Match & Deploy.
  • Reach automotive owners by year, make, and model.
  • Enhance multichannel marketing with Match & Deploy.

ITS provides you with customized database options, including automotive owners, transactional buyers, and email addresses matched with NCOA verified postal addresses, and behavioral targeting to reach top demographics that are more likely to become valuable customers. We also provide multichannel capabilities to maximize campaign impact, and deep analytics to make sure you are making informed business decisions every step of the way.


Beginning with trustworthy data is a must, and ITS takes that a step further and provides trustworthy data that is further tailored to your business specifically. Our email addresses are constantly updated and verified, ensuring you maximize ROI while staying in good standing with all major ISPs.