Competitive Insights: Yesmail Market Intelligence

Marketers everywhere have long wanted the ability to sneak a peek into their competitors’ multichannel efforts in order to gain insights into the market and optimize campaign performance. Yesmail Market Intelligence now delivers on this necessity. It is a one-of-a-kind tool that provides real–time, in–depth competitive intelligence data across multiple digital channels and industry verticals.
  • Ability to analyze industry and competitive digital marketing trends to optimize strategy and drive results.
  • Real-time monitoring of marketing campaign deployment across multiple digital channels.
  • Campaign performance analytics segmented by marketer, vertical, channel and campaign type.

Yesmail Market Intelligence provides visibility into how the competition is driving the customer experience, ensuring marketers have the information needed to maximize ROI for each campaign. 


Yesmail Market Intelligence provides an excellent method for collecting insightful, actionable information on the competition’s creative design and content, campaign frequency, and cross-channel statistics. Yesmail Market Intelligence's digital marketing feed gives a comprehensive view of all digital deployments for over 5 million brand campaigns. In addition, the tool’s “export” function enables you to download detailed reports for any number of marketers in your competitor set, for any custom timeframe and with all data points Yesmail Market Intelligence collects. By making decisions in the context of competitor performance, marketers can adapt to what’s working in the marketplace and build truly unbeatable campaigns.