TargetReady Models®

ITS knows from experience that predictive modeling is extremely effective, but custom modeling can be expensive and take significant time to develop. With TargetReady Models® you have pre-packaged marketing answers. Marketers can quickly and easily employ ready-made, reliable models to improve response rates and increase sales.
  • We have close to 100 and growing independently developed categorical models that ensure an efficient answer to marketing challenges. 
  • Designed to impact marketing across many categories, including Banking & Finance, Travel, Leisure, Retail, Political, and more. 
  • Fast and reliable fulfillment and real-time delivery; no waiting for development.
  • Increased coverage allows for a full array of demographic and psychographic data elements that are available for every record in Infogroup’s consumer file.
  • Easy access allows you to fine-tune your prospect universe and append modeled scores to your existing customer data for added insight. 

TargetReady Models focus on accuracy over intuition—instincts are good, but starting with data-driven decisions is better. TargetReady Models support all marketing channels while offering significant savings compared to custom models. TargetReady Models offer pre-packaged marketing answers.  


Household-level targeting ensures increased efficiency and response rates over neighborhood-level groups, and TargetReady Models are also designed for ease of use. For quick marketing answers that don't sacrifice impact, TargetReady Models provide an excellent cost-efficient option.