Data Processing

Our integrated suite of data processing services is backed by 40 years of experience in cleaning and enhancing customer files. From data hygiene to data enhancement, our ability to deliver high-quality business and consumer data sets ITS apart in data management solutions.
  • ITS standardizes, corrects, updates, validates and scores names and addresses so marketers can prioritize accordingly. 
  • We identify and consolidate duplicate records to eliminate wasteful marketing spend.
  • Append and Suppression services ensure quality consumer and business data to boost ROI.

Through a combination of USPS® postal hygiene products and Infogroup proprietary products, ITS Data Processing Services provide multiple ways to save money and increase the efficiency of your data. We process over 45 billion records for more than 40,000 clients every year—with ITS as a data partner, there's never a question of experience or value.


ITS Data Services go far beyond simply cleaning data. Though that's a crucial service, we can also append valuable information about addresses, determine Do Not Mail/Call or Deceased individuals, and add insight about clients and prospects, including business firmographics like SIC, sales volume, number of employees and consumer demographics such as age, gender, income, and home value. Using marketing spend wisely begins with clean, enhanced data.