Marketzone™ Platinum

Marketzone™ Platinum is a hosted complete multichannel marketing solution. By combining business intelligence with customer and prospect data from multiple channels and systems, marketers get advanced segmentation, campaign management and versatile data reports housed in a single platform.
  • Find new customers and drive engagement by analyzing customer interaction with your company. 
  • Manage high volumes of data and gain insight into specific customer segments. 
  • Switch between customer analytics, business intelligence and cross-channel campaign management to easily adapt campaigns in minutes based on comprehensive data from multiple channels.

Marketzone Platinum provides a sophisticated platform that analyzes huge amounts of data to drive sales and improve sales and marketing efficiency. By easily measuring campaign success against ROI goals, Marketzone Platinum streamlines marketing initiatives based on accurate data from every channel.


Our fully integrated suite of products was created specifically with client ROI in mind, and we provide world-class account support to ensure success. Marketzone Platinum gives marketers a fast and complete solution to adapt campaigns based on a full-circle view of the marketing cycle. With powerful multi-dimensional data discovery and visualization tools, integrated predictive and descriptive modeling, and the ability to execute email, direct mail and telemarketing campaigns quickly; Marketzone Platinum delivers the complete package needed to take multichannel campaigns to the next level.