Marketzone™ Gold

Marketzone™ Gold is a hosted web-based integrated marketing solution that provides customer management, prospect management, analytical reports, and the ability to develop direct marketing and email campaigns all in one place.
  • Manage prospects efficiently by targeting based on your current, high-value customers. 
  • Evolve campaigns based on customer insight from custom analytical reports. 
  • Develop direct marketing campaigns—direct mail, phone campaigns and email acquisition all in one simple platform.

Marketzone Gold provides marketers with key customer insights that drives revenue and new business. Featuring up to 50 fields that are customizable based on specific business objectives; this web-based marketing tool delivers a one-stop solution for analytical reports, targeted prospecting, acquisition email campaigns, and direct marketing enhanced with powerful customer data.


Marketzone Gold provides intelligent targeting by marketing to segments similar to high-value customers. By working from a clean and updated database, marketers can understand customer demographics and convert more prospects while reducing costs through increased efficiency. With real-time access to Infogroup data and the flexibility to load client data as well as external prospect data, Marketzone Gold delivers a complete, powerful solution for prospecting and customer analytics.