Marketzone™ Black

Marketzone™ Black enhances our cutting edge hosted marketing database solution with powerful rule-based decision engines, automation, real-time data, and call center integration. By providing a 360 degree view of all customer interactions, Marketzone Black offers the best in enterprise marketing management.
  • Real-time cross-channel customer analytics deliver a comprehensive look at marketing performance across the entire customer experience. 
  • Suite integration provides actionable insight, data visualization and comprehensive BI reporting with the ability to analyze any metric. 
  • Enhance the effectiveness of the entire marketing cycle with automated predictive modeling applications that determine the best strategy for each customer and execute across channels; including email and SMS capabilities. 

Marketzone Black delivers proven, industry-leading campaign management software with best-in-class functionality. Customer information from across marketing channels is housed in one simple platform and marketers can create adaptable campaigns by integrating real-time information from websites and call centers. By combining our robust data solution with customized business information pulled from every channel, marketing campaigns can be tailored to hit and exceed specific ROI goals.


Now you can react in real-time. Cross-channel data gives marketers the power to continually optimize campaigns with customer insight. Features like NetInsight integrate with the Marketzone Black suite to deliver instant insight and analytic capabilities. Predictive insight provides automated predictive modeling designed to increase efficiency as well as the bottom line. Interact allows the platform to provide real-time offer recommendations through a rules-based decision engine. Campaign Optimize helps marketers design the best possible interaction strategy for each customer across multiple campaigns. Yesmail integrates email and SMS to reuse data, strategies and segments to streamline cross-channel consistency. With Marketzone Black, marketers get a proven product to maximize ROI.