Infoconnect API Solution

In the modern marketplace, waiting on vital information is the fastest way to lose ground to the competition. Infoconnect, our API platform, ensures you have the data you need when you need it to make quick, intelligent business decisions and stay a step ahead of competitors.
  • Search the widest selection of data sources and highest quality business and consumer data in the industry to generate quality sales leads.
  • Get actionable insight fast by narrowing prospects based on unique identifiers like household income, business type and age.
  • Host your own customer database with ITS and get on-demand access alongside our proprietary databases.
  • Enhance your user experience with real-time data correction using our fuzzy match method.

In addition to providing access to an incredible breadth of insightful information, Infoconnect also adds value to internal marketing and CRM tools by giving you the data you need in real-time. Every second you're waiting for information, you're losing business—Infoconnect ensures you never wait for the information you need.


Using accurate data ensures that you aren't wasting spend on undeliverables or unlikely purchasers. Our easy-to-use, integrated service helps streamline customer verification and qualifying so your business can grow unhindered by unnecessary bottlenecks along the way.