B2C Retention Solutions

Retaining high-value customers takes deep insight into their preferences. Consumers have more channels vying for their attention than ever before, knowing how to keep your customers focused on your business takes a powerful data partner.
  • Use accurate, recent transactional data to gain insight into your customer base with Marketing Genetics.
  • Learn how to best up-sell, cross-sell and reactivate non-active accounts.
  • Target your best customers intelligently to keep them coming back.

ITS provides accurate, relevant data that's customized based on your needs. By taking this tailored approach, you get the data you need to cut acquisition costs and ensure customers continually see the value in giving you their business.


ITS has a full suite of products to improve customer loyalty. Use Marketing Genetics to gain insight on customer purchase behavior, and combine that with powerful, accurate consumer data customized to your business needs. Analyze consumer trends and plan marketing circulation accordingly to ensure maximum impact in every retention initiative.