B2C Acquisition Solutions

With more channels to reach customers than ever before, competition is incredibly high to find and convert high-value prospects. ITS offers complete enterprise sales solutions to help our clients quickly turn leads into loyal customers.
  • Access over 59 million unique email addresses and target by hundreds of demographic and psychographic selects with ITS Consumer eDatabase 3.0. 
  • Work directly with our B2C brokers to grow catalog, publishing, online or retail businesses with a dedicated partner for campaign planning, execution, negotiation, analysis and multichannel optimization.
  • Integrate offline and online marketing with ITS Proof of Purchase Email Database, featuring over 23 million consumer email addresses matched with postal addresses. 
  • Effectively manage your prospects, develop direct marketing campaigns, and get analytical insight with Marketzone Gold.

ITS provides B2C acquisition solutions that connect marketers to prospects with the best chance of becoming customers. Shortening the sales cycle not only impacts revenue, but it cuts costs by streamlining the prospecting process. ITS acquisition tools give you the power you need to prospect less and sell more.


ITS helps you target high-value consumers based on deep insight. Whether it's purchase history, automotive ownership profiles, behavioral and demographic targeting, or simply matching consumer lists to your best customers, ITS delivers everything you need to gain more customers fast. By combining compiled lists of multiple data sources combined in one file with response information from customers who took specific action via mail, telephone, internet and more, marketers can target more specifically than ever. Market to customers based on their hobbies, investments, mail-order purchasing behavior, lifestyle and more to provide the most relevant marketing material possible.