B2B Retention Solutions

Improving B2B customer retention is an efficient way to lower acquisition costs while boosting revenue from customers you've already won. ITS has the data capabilities necessary to make sure you aren't losing business to the competition, instead staying up to date with the latest data that's relevant to your business specifically.
  • Use b2bdatawarehouse for smart segmenting while lowering mailing costs.
  • B2BAdvantage combines b2bdatawarehouse with Epsilon Targeting's Abacus transactional data and modeling for even more powerful retention efforts.
  • Marketzone Gold allows you to design and deploy email campaigns designed specifically for retaining high-value customers.

ITS delivers the most comprehensive retention solutions in the industry. It's all about access to detailed business data that improves your bottom line. Backed by leading experts and top data sources and analytics, ITS helps companies save money while increasing ROI by marketing smarter to high-value customers.


b2bwarehouse, B2BAdvantage and Marketzone Gold are designed to maximize the lifetime value of your customers. By combining our own top-class data capabilities with the Abacus B2B Cooperative that features over 4.8 billion transactions, ITS enables marketers to make use of the most robust retention solutions available in a user-friendly format to cut costs, improve customer loyalty and boost sales.