B2B Acquisition Solutions

Modern businesses can't afford to wait for information, which is why ITS offers data on-demand and industry-leading B2B marketing solutions. From lead generation to business intelligence, ITS enables marketers to overcome acquisition challenges and maximize marketing initiatives with relevant data, intelligent targeting and a customized solution.
  • Access rich ITS content in real-time for smarter, timely campaigns.
  • Adapt acquisition efforts to market trends with the latest transactional data.
  • Tap into millions of B2B prospects with sales potential.

ITS offers a business database solution unparalleled in accuracy and comprehensive information, compiled from over 6000 sources to deliver the best in B2B prospects for your business. Combined with insightful transactional data from B2BAdvantage and the real-time data access of Infoconnect, no other B2B acquisition solution matches ITS in efficiency and ability. Access our compiled lists of cross-referenced data to target based on highly specific prospect traits, combined with response lists of individuals that have taken prior action on or offline, from purchase history to publication subscriptions.


From business intelligence data mining to accurate and relevant sales leads, ITS is a complete acquisition solution. Our powerful data can be customized to fit your individual business needs, and we ensure you're never waiting on crucial information so you can streamline the sales cycle and see improved efficiency now, not later.