Retail Marketing Survey Report / January 29, 2014 (pdf 1.66 MB)

In a recent survey of over 100 of the top retail marketing executives in the U.S., Infogroup Targeting Solutions collected responses to in-depth, hard-hitting marketing and technology questions. This report, highlights the strategies retailers are pursuing and which ones they have been successful in implementing.

The Value of Transactional Co-op Data / August 1, 2012 (pdf 3.22 MB)

A transactional co-op environment is a great way to improve targeting and narrow focus to the best prospects, maximizing spend and increasing ROI.

The Art of Marketing – Building a Cross-Channel Command Center / August 1, 2012 (pdf 3.48 MB)

Getting all marketing channels integrated together into one central, efficient system is no small feat. Creating a cross-channel marketing strategy in which each channel promotes the others takes a smart solution. Each channel must be able to learn from the others to best target the most lucrative methods for increasing conversions.

Integrated Marketing / June 1, 2012 (pdf 5.41 MB)

How to Get More Mileage out of your marketing budget and avoid five lethal mistakes that can sink your campaign from the start.