Nurture Your Email Ecosystem and Boost Sales / September 12, 2012 (pdf 3.72 MB)

Consumers have more paths to purchase than ever before, and ISPs are increasingly selective about which emails are allowed into inboxes. Smart marketers adapt to modern challenges by keeping email campaigns in a constant state of evolution. A successful email campaign does more than simply hit inboxes—it delivers high-quality, repeat customers by nurturing prospects into customers, then maintaining excellent retention rates

8 Steps to Re-Energize Your Acquisition Email Marketing / April 1, 2012 (pdf 3.03 MB)

Gone are the days where simple trigger words or excessive punctuation is what would doom a creative to complete failure in the world of acquisition email marketing. Both ISPs and end users have become a lot more sophisticated and it’s time for every marketer to adapt. In this ebook, learn about a fresh, strategic approach that includes all aspects of a campaign – from