Connecting marketing to sales through a data-driven platform

Managing and integrating content across multiple channels to a distributed marketing network is a critical challenge faced by marketers today. iMarket360™ enables organizations to efficiently manage complex marketing campaigns for the needs of a distributed sales force through a single integrated platform while streamlining marketing, sales, and operations.

  • Permission and role based hierarchy that controls the entire user experience through a custom interface
  • Manage users, brand, content, navigational elements, approval processes, spending, marketing, and much more
  • Integration with leading CRM software
  • Initiate multichannel campaigns on a corporate and local level
  • Automate marketing and sales operations
  • Send personalized campaigns on a local sales level
  • Get sophisticated reporting features across multiple campaigns and channels
  • Incorporates Infogroup’s business and consumer email databases

iMarket360™ reconnects marketing to sales and gives your sales team more time to do what they do best – sell. With our central marketing assets and content management features, you can control content distribution across multiple channels while ensuring compliance and brand standards. iMarket360 is perfect for companies with large sales forces and decentralized marketing teams that need to market efficiently, sell smarter, and manage the corporate brand.


The combination of our high value data and distributed multichannel marketing technology makes it possible for you to complete marketing campaigns without multiple platforms and technologies. iMarket360™ allows you to control corporate branding, improve marketing performance, reduce support costs, and increase sales efficiency by creating sophisticated campaigns with trackable results.