Email Append Competitive Advantages

Accuracy of matching

All of our processing within Infogroup Targeting Solutions is run on our state-of-the-art platforms. We perform database matching for many companies in the Fortune 500. These companies rely on Infogroup Targeting Solutions for data processing and enhancement that requires extremely accurate matching.

The match algorithms used in our Email Append program are the same ones that are also used for enhancing databases from financial institutions, insurance companies and marketers that not only have to answer to their customers, but also have to make sure that their processing is accurate because of federal legislation. Some of the most stringent privacy laws impact our financial and healthcare providers... our programs meet their requirements.

We allow our clients to select Individual Only matching (uses first name, last name & postal address) or Individual & Household matching (if Individual match is not available, a match using last name & postal address can be selected). We do NOT offer Address Only matching (matches found with no name components included). ITS also has the ability to append email addresses based on permission recency.

Permission-Based Email Database

All records utilized are completely permission-based. We have an extensive review process that every provider of data must complete. Only after our team has completely tested the data and reviewed all the relevant privacy policies is their data brought into our Email Append database.

We can manage multiple passes

Many other providers also use our services. As a result, we have great relationships within the industry. Our clients are able to leverage our expertise because we manage multiple passes with our partners. This will not only result in more matched customer records, but you will only need to sign one agreement, will only receive one invoice, and will have only one point of contact. Our process will save you time... and as the old saying goes, "time is money".

Additional hygiene prior to broadcast of the welcome email

Once all vendors have completed processing, all of the matched records are returned to us for merge/purge. As part of the merge, we process all vendors’ matches through our internal suppression database. This will remove any records (from all vendors) that are undeliverable or are records that should not receive the welcome email broadcast. Infogroup Targeting Solutions’ internal suppression file contains:

  • Hare Bounce Records: Known undeliverable records.
  • Complainers: Actual complainers or people who hit the “report spam” button through their email client.
  • DMA Do Not Email File: Individuals who have registered with the DMA's Do-Not-Email registry.
  • Foreign Records: Records with foreign domains or associated with foreign postal addresses.
  • Opt Outs: Actual opt outs from a campaign deployed by Infogroup on behalf of its marketer clients.
  • FCC/Spam Suppressions: Email addresses that include known wireless domains, records on known blacklists, username suppressions
  • Basic Syntax & Hygiene: Includes email address correction, flagging of emails that have improper formatting, and flagging of email addresses that match up to a vulgar word table.

Additionally, ITS processes all match files through an extensive email hygiene process which includes email verification, IP address hygiene and removal of suspected dangerous records.

By running the file through these additional steps, we're able to make sure that not only are we returning the cleanest records possible to our clients, we are protecting their sender reputation throughout the entire process.

Dedicated First Contact Email Delivery platform

Our process also includes the broadcast of the First Contact email. Our delivery platform is specifically set up to handle the special requirements of an initial introduction email. By using a dedicated system for our First Contact emails, we're able to achieve the best delivery results and will make sure that we're able to determine if the appended email is valid ( i.e., not returned as a bounce ). We're also able to make sure that recipients are able to view the First Contact email and opt-out if they wish.

We can add other demographic selects

We have a consumer database containing information on over 200 million US Consumers. This database is complete with over 700 variables that can be added to your customer file to improve your targeting. You can choose 3 demographic selects and have them appended to your matched records at no charge.

Infogroup Targeting Solutions is an Email Append specialist

ITS has a team of online marketing professional dedicated to email append services. This is what we do every day!

We currently manage email append programs for many of the nation’s top companies (both for-profit and non-profit). ITS has performed thousands of email append projects and delivered over hundreds of millions of matched email addresses to our customers.

More than 50% of our projects completed in the last year were with repeat customers. Our high quality service delivers results for our clients, and our clients continue to return to us to manage their Email Append needs.

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