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Infogroup Marketing Data

In the direct marketing field, your results are only as good as your data. At Infogroup Media Solutions, we pride ourselves on the most accurate multichannel marketing data available anywhere in the industry. Infogroup marketing data resources integrate a wide range of proprietary and third-party database options that include the following:

Our Managed Lists: We manage an extensive lineup of specialized mailing lists to provide added targeting precision to your direct marketing campaigns. We deliver access to a wide range of business and consumer managed mailing lists and database options designed to help you identify and target your prospective customers with laser-like accuracy. Go to List Finder

Managed B2B files cover a wide range of categories including the following industries and many more:

  • Manufacturing and construction
  • Banking and financial services
  • Health care
  • Computer programming
  • Office management and administration
  • Automotive
  • Real estate and mortgage lending
  • Science and technology
  • Arts and entertainment
  • Small business owners

Managed Consumer and Nonprofit lists & databases include categories such as these and many more:

  • Apparel
  • Children’s
  • Collectibles
  • Crafts / Hobbies
  • Email
  • Food
  • Gardening
  • Gift
  • Health
  • Home Décor
  • Nonprofit / Fundraising / Membership
  • Outdoor / Sports / Fitness

Access a complete roster of List Categories on our category search page.

SapphireTM integrated B2B multichannel marketing database is derived from more than 350 response lists compiled by Infogroup data experts. This exceptional product delivers cutting-edge performance and features for business-to-business use. Sapphire can boost conversions and provide superior lead generation in the corporate marketplace. Read More

Marketing Genetics Consumer Buyerbase is an advanced marketing database that provides access to nearly 1 billion consumer transactions on such items as clothing, gifts, baby items, periodicals and more. Purchase and demographic information on these actual consumer purchases are accessible via the database, allowing you to create powerful lists for your email and catalog marketing campaigns. Read More

Apogee Donor Database is a comprehensive consumer database and research tool, conceptualized and created by fundraising specialists, for identifying and reaching potential donors in the competitive fundraising marketplace. Read More

Infogroup Media Solutions can help you reach your target audience more effectively and efficiently, whether through multichannel marketing, email, direct mail or telemarketing. We deliver more choices and more advanced services to ensure that you acquire the leads and achieve the conversions you need to succeed in today's marketplace. Infogroup Media Solutions can give you the edge over your competition with the most advanced marketing list and database portfolio in the industry, allowing your company to reach its target audience and boost visibility and sales for continued growth.