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As the premier marketing services company in the U.S., Infogroup Media Solutions offers business, consumer and nonprofit marketing strategies that deliver data-driven results for our clients. We have more than fifty years of experience in the marketing field and can provide your company with the elite marketing services you need to succeed. We deliver comprehensive, multichannel marketing campaigns that put you in the driver's seat and enable you to focus on your goals. 

Infogroup Media Solutions has built a superior reputation on world class customer service, in-depth industry knowledge, with the consistent use of cutting-edge technology, high value data, and the implementation of highly actionable marketing strategies. As a top list management, brokerage, and database marketing company, our commitment to providing and fine-tuning the most responsive files ensures that your company will get results quickly. We build long-term relationships with our list owners, allowing you to enjoy the largest selection for your targeted multichannel campaigns. We also offer email lists, multichannel marketing, and strategic marketing tools to jumpstart your marketing campaigns and help you reach your target audience faster and more effectively.

At Infogroup Media Solutions, we help you discover untapped revenue sources through our innovative list and insert media marketing solutions. Our managed list and insert media owners enjoy significant revenue generated from their lists and programs. With more than 2,000 B2B, B2C and nonprofit lists in our portfolio, we are well positioned to provide you with the best management experience within the industry.

The proven benefits of database marketing make it a solid investment in your company's future. At Infogroup Media Solutions, we want to help you maximize that investment and make the most of your marketing budget. Our multichannel solutions allow your company to build your prospect base and grow a profitable customer base for long-term financial success.

Why choose us? The answer is simple. With the most extensive selection of lists, database options, and the best in customer service, Infogroup Media Solutions offers the customized services your company needs to succeed.