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What We Do

We deliver data-driven results for our business, consumer and nonprofit clients with the very best data, technology, marketing resources, and list strategies.All Services

For Marketers

We will boost sales and retention while lowering your cost to acquire new customers. Infogroup has the unique combination of data, technology and strategy that produces results.

For Agencies & Brokers

We provide industry leading B2B and B2C data, lead generation programs and proven omnichannel marketing strategies that drive the results your clients demand.

For Data Owners

Monetize your valuable data assets while keeping information up-to-date, complete and deliverable with management, append and enhancement solutions.

News & Updates


Comprised of subscribers, conference attendees and other event marketing professionals, this newly available file delivers 296,000 of the hottest prospects in the tradeshow marketing business. Postal addresses, email addesses and phone numbers are available.


Now access millions of healthcare professionals from Lippincott, a division of Wolters Kluwer that publishes professional health journals, newsletters and books. The files include physicians, nurses, pharmacists, and allied health workers who can be targeted by over 100 specialties and areas of practice ranging from critical care to women's health.


Sojourners Magazine explores issues of politics and culture through Christian faith. Subscribers are educated, progressive men and women interested in topics of climate change, economic justice, nonviolence and peace, humane immigration reform, racial justice, and women and girls. There are 19,633 active subscribers.

Our Partners

The quality, diversity, and tenure of our client relationships are the greatest testimony to our services.All Partners